Rejuvenate Yourself- Patterns

Rejuvenate Yourself- Patterns
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Features and Description of Rejuvenate Yourself- Patterns:

Dreamland Publications brings to you a simple way to unwind. Coloring is a great hobby, a wonderful pastime and a stress-free activity which provides calmness and comfort that we often miss in our daily lives. “Rejuvenate yourself” encourages you to express yourself through colour and find your inner-peace and imagination. The basic idea behind this concept is to de-stress oneself through simply colouring the pages given in the book. Colouring, which is a great pastime or hobby for the kids, is being viewed as a stress buster for the adults today. Through “Rejuvenate Yourself”, a person can express his/her true self within the ambit of the world of colours. It’s a great way of achieving inner calm and serenity. Besides, one can explore his/her creative side as well.

The book has the potential to put a positive impact on mothers-to-be and in turn their babies. It will help relax the woman’s mind while she is going through the most stressful 9-month phase of her life. A relaxed approach towards life will ensure healthy babies. Colouring has been recommended as a relaxation technique by the psychologists all over the world. They generally prescribe colouring in a calm environment. The activity is therapeutic and briefly frees a person from the daily pressures and burdens. Although the problems do not go away, but at least the person’s brain gets a break from the continuous stress that one goes through in today’s fast paced lives.

Colouring has lowered people’s blood pressure problems. It has to a large extent cured insomnia. Colour and mental health have been linked to each other since ages. As a result, psychologists recommend colouring for banishing anxiety and even come out of certain kinds of trauma.

So, a colouring book in itself is a solution to many health issues and is said to be as effective as meditation. This adult colouring book has print on only one side so that one can colour and frame it if one likes. The book is remarkable with an excellent quality of paper. The pages in the book are thick enough which makes a good base to colour in any form, pencil, paints or sketch pens. It is a wonderful experience coloring the beautiful drawing and patterns in the book. Amazon and Dreamland Publications bring to you this book as a great value for money.

About the Publisher

Dreamland Publications is a publishing house catering for the needs and interests of children as well as adults. The books designed by the renowned artists of India are printed on 4-colour printing machines which use state-of-the-art technology and the paper used in these books comes from A1 paper mills. The best features of their book are: Subject-matter, Illustrations, Paper-quality, Syllabus and Price.

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